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Temple stampede kills 89 in India

Temple stampede leaves 89 dead in India

From Neha Sharma, CNN

October 13, 2013 — Updated 1817 GMT (0217 HKT)


  • NEW: At least 89 people were killed, authorities say

  • Police say a rumor that a bridge was collapsing sparked the stampede

  • Many people jumped into the river, a police inspector says

(CNN) — A stampede outside a temple in central India killed at least 89 people Sunday, authorities said.

The incident occurred on a bridge over the Sindh River while pilgrims were headed to the temple for a Hindu festival.

“The death toll could go much higher as about 25,000 people were present on the bridge at that time,” said D.K. Arya, a local deputy police inspector.

A rumor that the bridge was about to collapse caused panicked people to stampede, police told CNN sister network CNN-IBN.

Many people jumped off the bridge into the river, Arya said.

The stampede occurred at a temple in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

In 2011: At least 16 killed in stampede at religious festival in India


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Temple stampede kills 89 in India

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