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Soccer: Mancini moves to Galatasaray

Roberto Mancini named as new Galatasaray manager

September 30, 2013 — Updated 1942 GMT (0342 HKT)

Former Inter Milan and Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini finds his next managerial appointment with Galatasary

Former Inter Milan and Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini finds his next managerial appointment with Galatasary


  • Roberto Mancini has been named as the new manager of Galatasary

  • The Italian was dismissed by Manchester City in May

  • Mancini has replaced Galatasary defender turned manager Fatih Terim, who failed to agree a new deal

(CNN) — The managerial merry-go-round has stopped for Roberto Mancini — the Italian has been named as the new boss of Galatasaray.

The man who failed to defend Manchester City’s Premier League title last season now faces the same task with the Turkish champions.

The Istanbul based club have signed a three year deal with Mancini, who is expected to be at the helm for their Champions League group tie against Juventus on Wednesday.

UAE reacts to Mancini’s sacking

Mancini was sacked by Manchester City in May, a year to the day after guiding the club to its first title in nearly half a century.

The trophies aside, his time at City is likely to be remembered for several rows with star players, most notably Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli.

The Italian replaces former Fatih Terim, a defensive legend turned manager for Galatasaray, who failed to agree a new deal with the club.

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Soccer: Mancini moves to Galatasaray

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